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3 Types of Space to Create for Your Business

3 Types of Space to Create in Your Business

3 Types of Space to Create for Your Business

Starting a new business involves making some changes in your life. Especially if you haven’t owned your own business before. These changes include making space for your business in your life.

When you start a business you need to create space for your business in your life. Creating space for your business can help you keep your business together. Depending on your business’s needs, you may not need a lot of space, but you will need to create some spaces for your business

1. Physical Space

How much physical space you need depends on your business, but even if your business is 100% online you will need some physical space for your business. Physical space includes things like where you will work and where you will keep any physical documents and tools. Your work place should be appropriate to your profession and a place where you are comfortable working. This could be an office, a workshop, or part of your dining room table. Where you keep items will vary based on your needs, but I do recommend deciding where things should or will belong as early as possible. This can help you avoid disorganization and last minute scrambles to find an appropriate spot.

2. Virtual Space

Virtual space, or computer space, may be the easiest space to create. It is made up of things like your website, your business email, and the spot where you store your business files.

Your business should have its own website, if you you haven’t budgeted to have one professionally designed and built, there are options for creating a simple website yourself.  Just remember that your website is a reflection of who you are and what your business is.

When it comes to email, it is generally best to use your business’s domain instead of a generic webmail account. I also recommend using more than one email address, even if you are the only person in your business. The email addresses don’t always have to go to different mailboxes, some email services allow you to have more than one email address go to a single mailbox. As far as your options, I like Google Apps, but if that is more than you want to spend right now, you should check to see if you already have email address subscriptions. They sometimes come bundled with domain or hosting purchases, so check those out to see if they will suit your purposes.

Creating space to store your documents can be as easy as creating a new folder to keep your business documents in and then keeping them there. Keeping them separate from your personal files should make them easier to find as your business progresses.

3. Time Space

Time can be difficult to carve out. You may not be able to schedule the exact same time to work on your business each week, but you should schedule some time each week to work on your business. And remember that you have something going on during that time. You are not available for anything but your business during this time.

As you create space for your business, try to be methodical and remember your business goals. Think about who, where, and what you want to be. Remembering your business goals can help you make appropriate choices that will help you build a successful business.



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