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How to Expand your Ideal Client Profiles


How to Expand your Ideal Client Profiles

How to Expand Your Ideal Client ProfilesI believe in starting ideal client profiles with a simple formula that focuses on how you will serve your client. But that formula is only the beginning. As your business grows and you gain more experience in it, you should update and expand your ideal client profiles to reflect changes and new insights you have discovered. But, to get the most out of it, you need a plan.

Creating a plan to expand your ideal client profiles is largely about identifying what information you would like to have about your ideal clients and determining the best methods to collect that data. Remember while you can fill in some data blanks yourself, you don’t want to make assumptions that are based on opinions rather than facts.

The first step to expanding your ideal client profiles is to read over what you have so far and take note of places where you would like additional information about why your ideal client has a particular trait. Next, decide on traits that you don’t have information on but would like to know more about.

Once you have identified the information you would like, it is time to decide how you will collect it. Ways you can collect data include: searching for information available through sources you have access to, creating and administering surveys, and observations you make about your clients. Finally you need to put together a plan to record the data so you can keep track of where it comes from and add it to your ideal client profiles.

Melissa Mortensen
Business Strategist and Coach

P.S. Keep track of where data comes from in case you need to refer back to your sources. One way to do this involves creating a spreadsheet with a list of the information you would like to gather.

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