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What is a business strategist?

What is a business strategist?

What is a Business Strategist?

As a business strategist I help business owners and managers create a bridge between where they are and where they want their business to go.

Building a successful business requires vision, a workable plan, and the flexibility to adapt the plan to constantly changing circumstances. All of this involves strategy. As a business strategist, I work as a combination strategist, coach, and consultant to help you choose goals, develop solutions, and develop a plan to implement them.

A business coach helps clients identify the problems and find the solutions that they are already aware of but aren’t recognizing or are trying to avoid. These solutions are largely based in the client’s skills and abilities and the client will be primarily responsible for adapting the material to their individual circumstances.

A business consultant uses his or her personal expertise and experience to take the information and circumstances shared by his or her client. The consultant then drills down and identifies potential problems and solutions from that information. A solution provided by a consultant will generally be more in depth and the client may end up hiring the consultant to work on the solution’s implementation.

As a business strategist, I can work as a coach to assist you in building the skills and developing the tools that will help you identify your own problems and solutions. I will also encourage you along the way.  Working as a consultant, I can use my expertise and experience to identify problems and risks that you may have missed. In the consultant role I can also take a more active role in developing plans and roadmaps for solutions to the difficulties that you face or looking for ways to create or take advantage of new opportunities for your business. Finally as a strategist, I can work with you as you select long term goals then help you determine what is needed to meet those goals so you can take your business to its next level.

What does your business need to go to its next level?

Think about things that you have been meaning to do. Pick one to work on to help you move forward and get it off of your to do list.

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